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Zombie Highway 2: Run Over More Zombies This Fall!

zombie highway 2Auxbrain’s hit mobile zombie gameĀ Zombie Highway is getting a sequel this fall. Appropriately titled Zombie Highway 2, it will feature the same core mechanic: hit zombies with a car.

Fans of the game may know that Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed came out last year, but this was more an update than a true sequel (even though some people refer to it as such). Zombie Highway 2 will be a whole new game, although maintaining that same vehicular zombie homicide edge.

The sequel will feature a few new features. Nitro boosts that increase speed and damage, plenty of new weapons, a Prince of Persia rewind feature after death (that will of course cost in-game gold, or a view of a video ad), and a new expert difficulty. There will also be daily challenges, and a new feature allowing you to kill zombie versions of your Game Center friends!

The game is still in development, but expected this fall.

This video is a one hour live demo of the game by the developers.