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The 5 Hottest Ladies of Zombie Flicks

There are some nice looking ladies in horror films. Though they may be covered in blood and sinew at times, this does not diminish their beauty in the eyes of the horror fan! Here are, in my opinion, the 5 sexiest babes from zombie movies.

5. Teresa Palmer – Warm Bodies

teresa palmer warm bodies

Also known as “not Kristin Stewart.” Because seriously, with the popularity of Twilight at the time Warm Bodies was released, could there possibly be a coincidence that she looks like a blonde Kristin Stewart, and her love interest in some pale dead dude? Either way, this Aussie sweetheart is cute in her own right, and not half bad as an actress. Though the plot falls a bit flat when trying to convince us of the interest she develops in this zombie guy, she does her damndest to make the most with the script she’s given.

4. Kathleen Munroe – Survival of the Dead

kathleen munroe survival of the dead

Munroe plays both Janet and Jane O’Flynn, so named because their parents were apparently lazy, came up with one name, and just tossed a T on it when a twin popped out. As the living half of the sibling duo, she’s easy on the eyes; but there’s something about the dead stare, and those cloudy blue eyes of the horse riding zombie half that’s just captivating.

3. Asia Argento – Land of the Dead

asia argento land of the dead

Asia Argento – daughter of horror god Dario Argento – plays the female lead in Romero’s 4th zombie movie Land of the Dead. The’s a bad ass chick in a lot of fishnet, and, well, she’s Asia Argento. You don’t need much more than that to be smokin’ hot, and yet she sees fit to bring it just a little harder. Kudos to her!

2. Lauren Cohan – The Walking Dead

lauren cohan walking dead

Hello farmer’s daughter! Cohan plays Maggie Green in The Walking Dead, as if you didn’t know that. She’s one of the hottest actresses on TV right now – and not just in terms of physical attractiveness. Not only does she bring teh sexy in the show, she’s also one of the best actors/actresses on the cast. Maggie seems like a very challenging role to play…a very dynamic character. Making us believe it and feel it takes a lot of talent, and she does not disappoint.

1. Melinda Clark – Return of the Living Dead 3

melinda clark return of the living dead 3

Melinda Clark in Return of the Living Dead 3 is one of the nastiest, most vicious entries on the ist, but also one of the hottest. She’s so crazy smokin’ sexy in this flick. I love zombies, but I’m not zombie fetishist. It takes a lot for a zombie babe to be hot in my eyes. But this movie seems to largely revolve around just how silly hot Melinda is as a zombie in this thing. If you haven’t seen it, it’s kinda a messed up movie, but it’s worth it to see her in it.

Runner Up: Kyra Schon – Night of the Living Dead

Kyra Schon night of the living dead

Kyra Schon plays Karen Cooper, the girl in the basement in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. She has to be only a runner up because she was only 11 when this picture was taken, but she deserves mention because I had no idea that this picture was of that same little girl from the basement. The close up, black and white photo of her is far more iconic an image than any movie poster produced for the film, and is used as box art for many editions of the home release. Because she was 11, I don’t feel right saying she was “hot” in this picture, but we’ll say she was definitely…photogenic.

Got any other super hot hotties from zombies flicks that deserve mention? Leave a comment below!