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Clementine vs. Kenny The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Finale



Guy Loses It Playing Zombie Game

Kinda rated mature…language in video is NSFW.

I stumbled onto this video of a dude playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I haven’t played it myself, and I’m not sure it’s a zombie game perse, but it appears to be. His reaction to this survival horror game is hilarious. His accent, moderate command of the English language, and totally freaked out manner makes this a really fun watch. He’s basically just running, hiding, and swearing the whole time.

Why Zombies Eat Brains

I’ve always thought this was a particularly creepy zombie scene. I remember it was being one of the spookiest. It’s a combination of factors, I think; the fact that the half-zombie is speaking, what she’s saying, the nice creepy music, and the fact that the characters in the scene clearly recognize just how creepy it is.

While this explanation may not explain it for all zombie media – particularly considering that we’ve moved largely away from brain eating zombies and toward more of a flesh-eating, cannibalistic sort of zombie who will eat any human flesh – it’s definitely a great scene in this series.

“The pain…of being dead!”

What do you think? Do you like this explanation, or does another movie explain it better for you?