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Michael Jackson’s Thriller: Great Monster Zombies

If you’ve never seen the full version of Thriller, set aside 13 minutes and do it this evening. I’ve always been a massive fan of Michael Jackson (well, it tapered off at the end there when he started getting really weird). I remember watching this when I was little and being too scared to get all the way through it. And, I’m sorry? But it’s still terrifying as hell. Sure, we can get a little giggle out of the line-dancing zombies, but man, the makeup and costuming artists in this thing were genius. Those zombies areĀ scary.

I love, too, how they’re the over-the-top, more “ghoul” sort of zombies. Today you see too many rotting corpse zombies, scary by their nature, but you feel like you could knock one over and run from it. Watch toawrd the end when one of the zombies pops out of the floor to attack Ola Ray. Look at that makeup. That’s not a modern zombie; that’s a damn monster!

I kinda miss monster zombies. Are there any modern movies with this more monstrous breed?