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Rebuild Games by Sarah Northway

rebuild zombie flash gameA couple years ago I found a game on Newgrounds called Rebuild. I played it and absolutely loved it. I was thrilled to discover soon after that there was a Rebuild 2 also available. Then I heard the developer was planning a 3rd game called Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville. I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for this game, at a level that got me Alpha access because I couldn’t wait to see what was coming.

The basic premise behind the game series is that you are the leader of a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. You start with a small section of your town that has been walled off to defend against zombie incursions. The objective is to explore the unclaimed sections of the town, finding new survivors to join your group, food, fuel, ammo, and building supplies for your base, and clearing them of zombies to make them safe to reclaim. You win the game when you’ve reclaimed the entire town.

The zombies outside the walls regularly group up and launch attacks, and you direct your “guard” survivors to protect the wall in that area. Survivors are sometimes bitten, other groups of survivors will show up with trade requests, and various other random encounters will throw challenges in ¬†your direction.

It’s a strategy game; the first two are turn based, and the third is as well but with a real-time mode. The third game also adds some new elements, chief among them being the titular gangs. These gangs are something like “factions” in other games, and represent a new challenge and new decisions to make.

This game is great for the nerds like myself who don’t just want to fight zombies, but wonder about the details of the post-apocalypse. Like…could we ever have electrical infrastructure again? I mean, I don’t know how to run a power plant. Do you? Would we have to find someone who does? What if they’ve all been eaten?

In Rebuild, we get to deal with some of those details. Establishing some order, reclaiming power plants and water treatment facilities. It’s all handled in very basic ways; assign someone with a good science skill to work in a lab, which helps develop new technologies for the settlement. But it does at least address something other than the best ways to stop a zombie with a shotgun.

I have had the pleasure of e-mailing a couple of times with the game’s creator Sarah Northway. She’s super friendly, and very accessible to her fans and supporters. She told me that the lack of thinking-man’s zombie games like this were her main inspiration for creating Rebuild.

I made Rebuild because I felt exactly the same way, it’s hard for me to find a game that’s just right, so I had to create my own!

Go check out the Rebuild flash games. There’s a mobile version too if that’s your preferred platform.