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Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow on Amazon

Daryl Dixon is known not just for his badassery, but for his signature weapon. But just what is that weapon?  A crossbow, obviously, but which one? Well, Men’s Health was kind enough to confirm this for us in an interview with Norman Reedus. As a lot of fans had already figured out, Daryl’s been rocking a Stryker Strike Zone. But only for the last few seasons.

daryl dixon crossbow

For the first couple of seasons, prior to his bad ass hair cut and leather jacket, he was wielding the Horton Scout HD 125.

daryl dixon crossbow

It’s available on Amazon, and at Wal-Mart for $320.84. So if you’re a superfan with a ton of cash, you could pick one up. Or if you’re a hunter that prefers crossbows, it might be worth considering. After all, according to the reviews, Daryl really likes it.

daryl dixon crossbow review


If, however you are a walker or walker sympathizer, you might think twice about purchasing it.

daryl dixon crossbow review



Norman Reedus Loves Fans

I live in Georgia, which you probably know is where they film The Walking Dead. A lot of season 1 was in Atlanta, but subsequent seasons have taken place in more rural areas around the state. A lot of filming has been done in Griffin, GA this year, which is about 20 minutes from where I live. Traffic has become terrible in that city from all the people driving by the set, and there’s always a crowd!

norman reedus signs autographs

As you can imagine, Norman Reedus gets a lot of attention on set. What’s great to see is how amazing he is with the fans. He’s happy to sign autographs, though he can’t honor every request simply due to time restraints. He is polite, very nice to everyone, and really seems grateful for their support. This is a guy whose last major credit prior to The Walking Dead was the sequel to an independent action movie, and he has rocketed to international megastardom, going from slightly obscure to a household name. And it hasn’t gone to his head. He knows how beloved he is, and he is grateful for the attention.

I’ll share more pics from the Griffin set as I get them.