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Zombie Run Escape in Perry, GA

zombue run guardian perry gaDown here in our neck of the woods, and in the same neck that TV’s The Walking Dead films in, we’re going to have a Zombie Run on October 25, 2014.

The event is being held at the Guardian Center in Perry, GA. It’s a former cold-war nuclear missile plant that has been “converted into the nation’s premier disaster preparation and validation center.” There’s a modern city-scape, a bunch of cars, a highway built to D.O.T. specs, and even a working subway, all of which will be utilized for the event! It’s basically everything you were pretending to do in your back yard when you were a kid, only way more real.

Because of all the tunnels, rubble, vehicles and roadways, it’s really the perfect place to host this thing. I may have to get out there myself, at least to spectate. Much as I hate to sit out a zombie run that’s so close to my home, I haven’t fully healed from tendon surgery I had on my foot a couple months ago. Maybe by October I’ll be up to snuff, but if not, it could still be fun to watch!

The whole thing is set up as a 5K obstacle course, with prizes awarded to the winner or team of winners. To succeed, you must run the course without getting taken down by the zombies. From the look of the video below, a flag-in-the-pocket, flag football system will stand in for zombie scratches and bites. So while it isn’t exactly full contact, expect to have the zombies reaching at you and making minor contact with you.

Minimum age to be a runner is 11, and 14 to be a zombie. It’s a little cheaper to be a zombie than a runner, too, so if you want to save a few bucks but still be part of it (and do some fun makeup stuff) you might consider zedding it out for the day.

Here’s a promo video for the event set to some very enthusiastic house music.


Video: Walking Dead Escape Zombie Run (Comic Con 2013)

It’s become an annual thing now at Comic Con. There are zombie obstacle course fun runs all over the country (and even in other countries) but the one at Comic Con is the official Walking Dead run. This video from the 2013 does a great job of showing what exactly the zombie OCR runs are all about. The runner behind the camera stops here and there to show us some of the sights, and if I understand the ending, still ends up winning. So good for him!

Warning: If you’re sensitive (as I am) to shaky, first person videos, be careful with this one. It’s a fun video, but I did get a little motion sick watching it.