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Dead Rising Movie

dead rising

You may have heard the rumor that there’s a Dead Rising movie in the works. Well, it’s true. It’s being created by Legendary Digital Media, the first project of the new digital division of Legendary Pictures (the folk who made Godzilla).

The movie is going to be released initially on Sony’s Crackle. It’s still in very early development, and with no word yet on cast or crew, we probably won’t see it until next year.

I hate to come off pessimistic, but it’s hard to get excited about news like this. Dead Rising is a sweet game series, don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about the prospect of the third game coming out in just a couple weeks. But come on. No matter how bad we want them to be great, video game movies suck. It’s a bit of a paradox; they suck because they’re not made by the gamers who love the games they are based on, but those gamers probably couldn’t make an awesome movie. So unfortunately, it just seems like they can’t make a great one.

final fantasy 7 advent children

Pictured: The best part of Advent Children.

When those movies are CGI, they tend to be even worse. Have you seen Resident Evil: Degeneration? Even Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children was disappointing. And I really wanted that one to be good, because hard as I may wish, I’ll never see Cloud, Tifa, and all my buddies in a game again.

The notion of CGI game movies becomes even sillier the better game graphics become. How much better will this movie be than the cut scenes in Dead Rising 3? Probably not much. So what have we got then? Essentially a game that you don’t play. Lame.

When it comes out, you might want to check it out. Never know; it might be the first non-suck game movie in history. But I’m not holding my breath.