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Oregon Woman Bites Homeowner’s Face in “Zombie Game”

jessica rocha zombie biterOregon police say that a woman has been arrested for breaking into a house, pushing a woman down the stairs, and biting her face. The assailant told the victim she was playing “the zombie game.”

Sgt. Pat Downing of the Coos County sheriff department, says that the perp, Jessica Rocha, broke into the Lakeside, OR home while drunk and probably high.

Downing says they have no idea what “the zombie game” is, so this likely isn’t some new thing. He mentions that Rocha had property with a sticker for a zombie video game, because any time weird violence happens, old people need to find a way to connect it to video games. I know I just wrapped up a session of State of Decay and I’ve got a strong taste for face now.

Rocha is being held on $77,500 bail, and faces arraignment Monday for multiple charges.


Robert Kirkman to be Featured Speaker at 2015 SXSW

robert kirkman sxsw 2015

Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead, will be a featured speaker at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW).

He will be speaking at SXSW Gaming. According to his site, he will be “imparting wisdom and talking about innovation” at the interactive part of the festival. That’s vague enough that it probably translates to “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about yet, but Jesus man that’s like 6 months away, he’ll figure it out.”

The festival runs from March 13-17 next year. There’s a bit more info about other speakers and registration costs here.

Greg Nicotero of the Walking Dead to Receive Eyegore Award

2014 eyegore awards

Greg Nicotero, producer and special effects make-up guy for AMC’s The Walking Dead, will receive an Eyegore award this year.

The Eyegore Awards are hosted by Universal Studios Hollywood. They are given for achievements in the horror genre. Similar to lifetime achievement awards, these are not a nomination/win system, but are just given out to anyone who is really, really awesome.

Chris Hardwick, comedian/geek and host of The Talking Dead, and Robert Kirkman will present the award to Nicotero.

Awards will also be presented to Robert Rodriguez (due to From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete, & Grindhouse), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Thriller), and for some reason Slash (perhaps due to the living horror of being affiliated with Axel Rose?).

The awards ceremony will be emceed by McKenzie Westmore, host of Syfy’s Face Off.

If you want to be there in the flesh (bwaha) you can pick up tickets here. You’ll also need to have admission tickets for the Halloween Horror Nights event on Friday September 19 so you can get in.

Zombie Run Escape in Perry, GA

zombue run guardian perry gaDown here in our neck of the woods, and in the same neck that TV’s The Walking Dead films in, we’re going to have a Zombie Run on October 25, 2014.

The event is being held at the Guardian Center in Perry, GA. It’s a former cold-war nuclear missile plant that has been “converted into the nation’s premier disaster preparation and validation center.” There’s a modern city-scape, a bunch of cars, a highway built to D.O.T. specs, and even a working subway, all of which will be utilized for the event! It’s basically everything you were pretending to do in your back yard when you were a kid, only way more real.

Because of all the tunnels, rubble, vehicles and roadways, it’s really the perfect place to host this thing. I may have to get out there myself, at least to spectate. Much as I hate to sit out a zombie run that’s so close to my home, I haven’t fully healed from tendon surgery I had on my foot a couple months ago. Maybe by October I’ll be up to snuff, but if not, it could still be fun to watch!

The whole thing is set up as a 5K obstacle course, with prizes awarded to the winner or team of winners. To succeed, you must run the course without getting taken down by the zombies. From the look of the video below, a flag-in-the-pocket, flag football system will stand in for zombie scratches and bites. So while it isn’t exactly full contact, expect to have the zombies reaching at you and making minor contact with you.

Minimum age to be a runner is 11, and 14 to be a zombie. It’s a little cheaper to be a zombie than a runner, too, so if you want to save a few bucks but still be part of it (and do some fun makeup stuff) you might consider zedding it out for the day.

Here’s a promo video for the event set to some very enthusiastic house music.

The Zombie Apocalypse Starts Small – With Ants

cordyceps zombie antOphiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis is a parasitic fungus that infects carpenter ants with deadly spores. Under the influence of the fungus, the ants become mindless zombies driven to climb plants, latch onto the undersides of leaves, and die. Then the fungus sprouts a long stalk from the ant corpse, which then rains new spores down onto the ant colony, creating an ant zombie outbreak.

A recent study has shown that the ants are generally directed to create this death grip on leaves around the colony the edges of the colony, where they will and begin to grow the fungus, putting at risk the other ants coming and going from the colony. According to researchers, the fungus uses this tactic to create a sort of “sniper’s alley” that forces ants to pass through infected areas, greatly increasing risk of infection.

Gamer fans may recognize the cordyceps from the recent video game hit The Last of Us, in which a species of cordyceps jumps from its traditional host to human. In the game, the parasitic fungus becomes the cause of a zombie outbreak that wipes out a large portion of the human population. But don’t worry – scientists have discovered no such species in reality. Still, it’s worrying even to know that such a fungus exists. And with the speed of evolution in short-lived species, who knows whether the fungus might make a jump to humans in the future?

Z Nation: Syfy’s New Zombie Show Seeks Walking Dead Audience

Harold Perrineau Z nationSyfy (the silly name the SciFi Channel adopted a few years ago) has a new zombie show called Z Nation in the works. There’s a lot of walk about whether it can rival the Walking Dead.

Well, it probably can’t. But I don’t think that’s the point. The point is we’re about to get a second zombie show on basic cable, and that’s pretty legit.

The series stars Harold Perrineau, Tom Everett Scott, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Kellita Smith, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, and Keith Allan. It’s set to premier Friday, Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. Friday, a.k.a. TV’s big night other than Sunday (a.k.a. the Walking Dead night).

The show starts three years after a virus has turned the country into zombies. A group of survivors is escorting a guy who survived a zombie bite from New York to California, where a lab of epidemiologists is waiting to test his blood. The official description states: “Although the antibodies he carries are the world’s last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all.With humankind’s survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America.”

From the look of the trailer, it’s not the same high quality stuff as The Walking Dead, and might even focus a little more on horror. In the zombie genre, horror is becoming something of a novelty, with the focus generally being on shotguns and crossbows. So that could definitely be a fresh angle, particularly on TV.

As long as the quality is at least passable – which the trailer reveals it to be – it should bring some much-needed numbers for Syfy. The zombie genre is low-hanging fruit right now. People are hungry for more, and anything decent is bound to scoop up some ratings. The Walking Dead owns Sunday nights, averaging 15.6 million viewers. The second rated show Sunday night is Talking Dead – a show where people talk about the number one show – which brings in 7.3 million viewers. I’m sure Syfy would be thrilled with even a quarter of that average.