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Zombie Door Cover: Awesome Halloween Decoration

zombie door cover halloween propI’m about ready to start getting my place done up for Halloween. I have some tombstones and bones left over from last year in the shed. But I need to get more!

The first thing I will be getting myself is this zombie door cover. It’s a plastic thing that you just tape up on your front door (or whatever door you want) and makes it look like there’s a walker bursting through the door! It’s a photo rather than an illustration, so it’s a lot creepier than similar items, which tend to be too cartoony. You might like the cartoony look, but at my house, I prefer scary decor! I have a sort of unspoken ambition on Halloween night…I always hope a couple of trick-or-treaters will pass by my house, too scared to approach the door. Because it takes a lot of spooky to overcome a child’s hunger for candy!

I had one of these last year but they’re kinda cheap plastic so once you take it off it’s not super great for using again. Good news is they’reĀ very cheap, under $7 on Amazon and that’s with free shipping. So it’s not a lot to drop on something that will really tie the look together!

Once it arrives, I’ll post a picture of it taped up on the door.



Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

zombie hand wine bottle holder

If you like to enjoy a glass of fine wine while watching the Walking Dead, there’s a sweet new product that you’ve got to see.

It’s known simply as the Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Holder, and it’s just what it sounds like. A resin wine caddy shaped like an undead hand bursting out of the ground. When you put your wine bottle in it, it looks like the monster is holding it as he emerges from the grave.

Would you drink a bottle of wine that was offered up in a walker hand? Maybe not…but since it’s fake, you should be safe. It makes a great decoration for the kitchen of any horror buff. I for one will be using mine to display bottles of Jameson at my Halloween party, which I think will look even more awesome than a wine bottle.

They’re $39.95 on Amazon with free shipping. Check out this sweet picture of the holder in use, sitting on my kitchen counter. For fun, I posed it next to my bobblehead zombie! If you’re like me and have a ton of zombie toys and decor, this thing will work great in your house, too!

zombie hand wine bottle holder