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Zombie Story Part 1


For those of you who are not followers of my Instagram account, this will be unfamilliar to you. Something I have been doing for a while now is posting pictures on Instagram accompanied by a narrative comment. These brief stories pieces fit loosely together as a vaguely linear piece of fiction. Because of the extremely positive reaction I’ve gotten to this, I have started working on an eBook based on the story. I intend to keep most of that pretty close to the vest until it’s ready to publish. But for now I wanted to start posting the little vignettes I have posted on Instagram onto the blog to let my readers in on it!

Most of the pictures are photoshopped versions of pictures found on other sources, which I will credit when they come from other sources. Some are mine, and of course I’ll credit those, too.

Outbreak Day 30

scary monster hand on window

I’m holed up in the old cabin. When it started happening I knew it was best to leave the city. The TV went fuzzy so I don’t know what’s happening out there. But I do know this…they’re out there. Even all the way out here there’s no escape. I can hear them moaning and see the shapes through the dirty window. I just hope they don’t notice me.

Outbreak Day 33

scary window person monster


I couldn’t tell if it was one of the monsters or another survivor just looking for a safe place. I hid behind the couch and watched. It stood there for what must have been an hour, silently staring until it wandered away. I can’t risk opening that door for anyone