selfieMy name is Austin. I’m a fan of zombies, obviously. I watch The Walking Dead, something you can probably assume about everyone alive right now. But my love for zombies goes back many years. It probably starts as early as my love for Michael Jackson – I went to my first MJ concert, in costume complete with sequened glove, at about 4 years old – and his Thriller video which was as horrific as it was funky. I do remember, though, that my parents had a VHS of Night of the Living Dead in the cabinet under the entertainment center as long ago as I can remember. I wasn’t supposed to watch it – and this wasn’t a problem for a long time, as the scary monsters on the cover were enough to prevent my interest in it. But when I got a little older, around 4th grade, I decided to try it. The terror seemed so real during that first viewing. An endless flood of zombies (something I knew about from Thriller) had these people boxed in, with no way out. They could fight, they could run, but it was all futile in the end. I didn’t sleep well that night.

But the strange thing was what I did after that. It took about a week to digest it, and to stop turning the light back on after my parents tucked me in at night. But sure enough, I waited until I had a couple of hours alone after school, before they got home from work, and I watched it again.

My love for the genre started with Romero, and the man still has my sincere resepct. But as I grew up I found new things – Sam Raimi’s comedy horror films Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness, the Resident Evil games (not the movies though – meh) – and just came to love more and more of it.

Today I make my living selling strange, novelty gift items. To my delight, I have found that zombie items sell very well. This gives me the freedom to source, order, and sell some really cool stuff, and remain closely tied to my beloved zombie genre. After starting an Instagram account for my business, I found that my favorite part of my job is posting fun, cool, creative content and interacting with people online. So I’ve created this website to give me a place to write about zombie stuff, discuss new films, review new games, post reflections on classics, and even showcase some cool zombie products that I’ve had the good fortune to sell (and therefore, to keep a couple of!).


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