15 Awesome Zombie Tattoos

So my lady friend sends me cool pictures she finds pretty regularly, and seems to find a lot of great tattoo images. A zombie one she sent me recently inspired me to find some cool ones to collect in a post on here. There’s one I’m thinking about getting myself – see if you can guess which one!

I’m posting it as a photo gallery up top – just click on an image to open the gallery, and you can click through and read the captions that way. I’m not sure how mobile friendly that is though, so it’s also just scrollable as a post below the gallery. I give you two choices of how to browse!

1. Weird Face Back Thing

I’m not sure how best to describe this one, but I do know this…the artist who did it was almost surely underpaid. Because it’s a very fine piece of work! There is such a range in tattoo quality, but this one is definitely on the top end.

weird face zombie tattoo


2. The Walking Dead Zombie (I think)

I’m pretty sure this image is from The Walking Dead. Because I write a zombie blog, I come across this image a lot. The ink is pretty true to the original image.

the walking dead zombie tattoo


3. Forever In Debt to BRAINS

It’s hard to tell, but the zombies in this tattoo kinda look like grunge dudes. Doesn’t that top one kinda look like Kurt? I’m like 99% satisfied that’s Kurt Cobain.

black ink side zombie tattoo



4. Scary Stories Zombie Tattoo

Now this one I’m certain about. This from Stephen Gammell’s Scary Stories series. It’s based on this image. Remember “How That Dead Man Danced”? Very cool ink idea!

scary stories zombie tattoo


5. Rob Zombie Tattoo

While not technically an actual zombie, I’d say that this living dead man certainly counts enough to be included on this list.

rob  zombie tattoo


6. Marilyn Monroe Zombie Tattoo

People like tattoos of celebrity zombies. This is something I found when researching this post. Turns out that people really like tats of zombie Marilyn. A lot of dead celebrities have conspiracy theories surrounding them – mostly relating to faking their deaths. Elvis is still alive. Kurt Cobain is still alive. Tupac is still alive. I wonder why it’s so appealing for some folks to think that Marilyn is dead…only, walking dead?

marilyn monroe  zombie tattoo


7. Another Marilyn Tattoo

This very different version is included to back up my point that people seem to love the concept of a zombie Marilyn Monroe. Hey wait…Halloween costume idea!

marilyn monroe  zombie tattoo


8. Artistic Zombie Girl Leg Tattoo

Rather than being an image of something specific, this is just a really great image of a zombie girl. It’s got my favorite kind of zombie eyes, too – the ones that look almost human. So much scarier to think of being aware of one’s state of living death!

girl face leg  zombie tattoo


9. Kyra Schon / Night of the Living Dead Tattoo

For those of you guessing, I hate to give it away, but scroll to the top of my site. Yes, this is the one I’m thinking of getting. It’s the iconic image of Kyra Schon as the little zombie girl in Night of the Living Dead. Such a timeless image, and a great tattoo idea.

night of the living dead zombie tattoo


10. Homer Simpson Zombie Tattoo

Sometimes you just want to get an image of a zombie Homer Simpson tattooed on the top of your foot. Hey, I’m not here to judge. I think tattoos like this are hybrid ideas…someone who said “I love the Simpsons, and I love zombies. How could I make that one tattoo?”

homer simpson zombie tattoo


11. Zombie Hug

I can’t be entirely certain that these are meant to be zombie hands, but the way they seem to be bursting out of his shoulders implies something monstrous. Either way, it’s extremely well done.

hands  zombie tattoo


12. A Normal Human Child

This one is based on a bit of Deviant Art. I know, because I borrowed it to insert into the window of an abandoned building I photographed for my Instagram account. I love that not only do I see tattoos of zombies from TV and movies, but from great art by independent artists like this.

spooky girl face zombie tattoo


13. Zombie Cheerleader Tattoo

This is another one I have used on Instagram. It’s from a painting, but I’m not sure what the source is.

green face girl zombie tattoo


14. Deviant Art Again

This I also recognize from Deviant Art, and once again is one I have used on Instagram. It’s from Chad Michael Ward’s work.

creepy scary zombie tattoo


15. Zombie Belle

What I love about this tattoo is one little detail. The zombie Belle is alright, but I super love that Chip, the teacup in her hands, is also a zombie. Perhaps in this zombie Disney universe, it was a zombie bite that caused the chip?

belle disney zombie tattoo


That’s it for the zombie tattoo pictures. If you’re thinking about getting some ink done, I hope this post has managed to inspire you! And if you do go out and get a sweet undead tat put on you, please share the pictures with me!



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